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(Jan, 2019)


Retex understands that our clients, visitors, users and the ones using the websites which are our affiliates or operated by our corporation respect to privacy rights.

Please read over this Privacy Policy to understand more the commitment which we make to respect and protect your rights.

The Privacy Policy will fully describe how we collect, use and (in some certain situations) reveal your personal information. The policy also describes all the steps that we conduct to protect your personal information. In the end, the policy will describe the rights of collecting, using and revealing your personal information.

This Privacy Policy is integrated with and an integral part of terms and documents of use in accordance with our policies posted on this Site. When you access and use our Site (including the online service registration), we understand that you completely agree with the content of the Privacy Policy and the related policies on the Site.

You have to check frequently for the update of this privacy policy.

Personal information

All the content on our website aims for you to collect information and choose appropriate services. Therefore, you are able to use the Website without any personal information required. In certain situations, however, regarding to the service registration, your personally identifiable information may be required.

In this Privacy Policy, “personal information” refers to your name, user name, address, email address, phone number, profile picture or any other personally identifiable information you provide, or your information collected under our policies and in accordance with current laws.

Information collection

Some of our Services require users to create an account or a profile. In order to connect and use these Services, we may ask you to provide us with some of your specific information to create that account or profile.

When providing your information on this Site, you understand and agree the collection, use and reveal of your personal information under the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy.

You fully agree and accept that the personal information you provide on the Site is able to be stored at our offices or headquarter, and/or stored at our current servers or the other potential devices, for operating and developing our Website and Services.

If you order a product, request a service or response us on our Website, we might contact you for the supplement of information in order to resolve or complete the order and/or your request

Use of Information

Your information will enable us to provide you with access to our website and to carry out administration, statistical analysis and market research. If you have requested any goods or services then we will use your information to supply the goods or services, to bill you and to contact you where necessary concerning your order.

Where you have consented, we may contact you on occasion by post, telephone, fax and email about products and services we think might be of interest to you. If you decide in the future that do not want to receive such information, please email

Where you have consented, we may make your details available to other reputable organisations whose product or services we think might be of interest to you. If you decide in the future that you do not want us to make your information available in this way please email

We may disclose your information to our agents and service providers for the purposes set out above.

Storing personal information

Your personal information shall be stored at:

  • i. We shall store and process your personal information on the servers located at our data centers in the territory of Vietnam.
  • ii. Your personal information shall be also stored at our office, or at any other data backup base from time to time;
  • iii. The time to store your personal information is associated with laws and our purposes of storing data.

Revealing personal information

Your personal information may be required to reveal to authorities or a third party in association with one of these situations:

  • i. To provide services or products as you request; or it is necessary to resolve orders (For example: register with VNNIC or resolve disputes).
  • ii. To implement our duties to provide your personal information as authorities request or to comply with the terms of laws.
  • iii.To protect us and third parties: we only provide your account information and other personal information when we believe that will comply with laws, and protect your rights and property and the third parties.

In addition to the above situations, we will not provide a third party with your personal information without your permission. We commit to protecting your privacy, and not selling your personal information to other companies for business purposes or other purposes violating the laws.

Recording browser information (Cookies)

Your personal information sometimes is stored on your computer so that we can upgrade the Site, and enhance our service quality. The information is commonly known as “cookies”. “Cookies” are the pieces of information stored on your computer’s hard disk or browser, not on the Website. These allow you to store some information on your computer including IPs, operating systems, browser mode, and related websites’ addresses.

If you refuse to receive these cookies, or want to get notifications of the cookies, you can install your browser if supported. Please note that if you disable the cookies mode, you will be unable to access or use some applications on the Website. We do not limit your service use; it is just the limit in programing and building the Website.

Personal information security

When programming the Website, we make the reasonable commercial regulations to prevent fraud and illegal access from using your personal information via the Website. If the Site supports online transactions, it will be applied with the technology standard named SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in order to keep the transmission safe and secure.

There might be risks regarding to providing personal information even directly, on phone or internet, or via other devices; and there are no perfectly secured technology systems which can prevent and defeat all “hackers” and “tampers”. However, Retex constantly improves and upgrades our prevention and security systems to prevent and minimize the risks and damages when you use this Site.

On one hand, with the understanding there does not exist perfect security on the Internet environment, we use standard technology to protect your personally identifiable information, including firewall, security sockets layer (SSL), and data encryption. We also have security solutions available right on our facilities to protect your privacy. Therefore, when we already apply the appropriate security solutions, we shall not bear any responsibilities for your information damages or reveal. In addition, we shall not bear any responsibilities for your personal information published by our partners or the other companies beyond our control.

On the other hand, we require you not to reveal or share your provided password or other identifiable information with any others, even our staff. The password and collected information are our assets, and your use may be revoked in accordance with our regulations. You are also banned in using any other passwords which are not yours.

Adjusting personal information

Anytime you use our services, we will provide you with a right to access your personal information. If the information is not correct, you are allowed to quickly update or remove that information – except we have to keep the information for legal purposes or business.

By updating your personal information, we may request you to verify your information before we resolve your request.

Retex shall proactively (or as your request) alter, supplement or remove your personal information, which is not accurate, full or updated, when you still connect with our activities.

Changes to our Privacy and Cookies Policy

Any changes we may make to our Cookies and Privacy Policy in the future will be posted on this page.

Links to other sites

Our site contains links to and from the websites of our partner networks, advertisers and affiliates.  If you follow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites have their own privacy policies and that we do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies.  Please check these policies before you submit any personal data to these websites.


If you have any requests in relation to the use we make of your information, please email

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