The company began life under Retex name in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As a subsidiary of Phuoc Thinh Textile Investment Corporation, we are a leading distributor of various fine fabrics as well as yarn across the globe, most of which are being manufactured by Phuoc Thinh.

In order to cater for the clients we have a digital fabric library, sourced from several suppliers, with dealerships across the country.

Together with partners, clients, and suppliers, we have developed into one of leaders in delivering superior textile based products to everyone.

Our mission is to create employee happiness, client satisfaction and shareholder contentment by providing the highest level of quality of products and service. We are committed to make our great effort to achieve our mission statement, passed on to next generations and to signify that these will never be changed.

We strongly believe most entrepreneurs are established with a simple philosophy making the life better, and Retex is not an exception to this rule. By working creatively on a daily basis, we are an inspiration to society and a force for positive change.

Customer satisfaction comes first – Continuous growth from challenges and failures – Must have unparalleled quality of products & service – Innovation, creativity and discipline – Prompt adaptation in the challenging business environment – Systematic thinking

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