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Face Mask

Product Information

PALM antibacterial mask is designed and produced by Phuoc Thinh Investment Textile Corporation

3 layers with Waterproof – Antibacterial – Dust Filter

  • Waterproof layer ( outer) : fine polyester fabric with water resistant function helps to intercept dust , dirty and water
  • Antibacterial layer ( middle ) : cotton fabric with antibacterial coating against infectious agents , kill 99% bacterial , complying with AATCC 100 : 2019 standard.
  • Dust filter layer ( lining ) : cotton CVC spandex fabric which is soft , light and gentle to help breathable and comfortable.
  • Adjustable point with straps at 2 sides helps to fit to every person.
  • Product has up to 30 times of washing to maintain antibacterial protection.
  • Daily use and dry in sunlight or machined at 40C degree

Size Description

  • Size S : 12 x 11 cm
  • Size M : 14 x 13 cm
  • Size L : 15 x 14 cm
  • Color  : Offwhite / Black

Company Information

  • Produced by Phuoc Thinh Investment Textile Corporation
  • 65 Tan Tien street , Tan Binh District , Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Website : www.phuocthinh.com.vn


Exclusive Distributor by: Retex Limited .,Co

  • 261K Nguyen Van Troi street , Phu Nhuan District , HCMC , VN
  • Tel: (+84) 914 300 608
  • Email: cskh@retex.vn
  • Website: www.retex.vn
Palm_Antibacterial face mask
Palm_Antibacterial face mask
Palm_Antibacterial face mask
Palm_Antibacterial face mask
IQC Certificate
IQC Certificate
Test Report of product
Test Report of product
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